Since 2009 we help brands level up their
digital strategies and performances.

We design and create new forms of relationships between brands, products and people,
building new and customized digital experiences with an omnichannel approach.

That is why we define brand strategies across all online and offline
channels, with high quality content in accordance with the latest trends, to provide the consumer
with an engaging and consistent experience across all touchpoints of the customer journey.


We develop visual communication and perfect storytelling for each brand. A strategic process that includes the study of brand positioning and the creation of a solid and recognizable brand identity.


Based on detailed research and analysis, we build digital implementation strategies tailored to each brand. We identify which activities, channels and contents are truly relevant for the target audience to increase brand awareness and optimise conversions.
Social media marketing
Influencer marketing
Digital Advertising
Digital customer service
Digital Pr
Search Engine Optimization
Email Marketing


We combine our knowledge network with consolidated industry expertise to manage projects in a coordinated and all-round way from the aesthetic design to final execution.


We collaborate with the best players in the photography scene to create high-quality content that allows companies to tell extraordinary stories in line with their brand essence.


Designing a relevant and memorable shopping experience means understanding the logics that drive the consumer, integrating production and logistics processes, rethinking sales flows. Selling through established digital channels integrated with physical ones, allows the brand to expand into new markets and on a global scale. From analysis to design, from development to support, we work alongside companies in a scalable and flexible way to adapt the best tools to business needs and achieve new conversions.

Design & UX

Our Design and UX team creates high-performance, customised designs based on the target audience, to ensure brand visibility, maximise performance and make the browsing experience agile. We create accessible, scalable and extensible themes for the most complex requirements.


Our web developer end team takes care of: back end, animations, tracking, usability implementations and coverage. Using the best partners, we guarantee high-performance hosting, maximum data and transaction security.


We provide all the necessary support and technical assistance, following the go live phase, updating the site in a dynamic way and ensuring its alignment with communication on all other channels.

Replatforming and Data migration

Looking for the most advanced solutions to meet the constantly evolving needs of customers and technology, we transfer all data in total security, connecting all integrations and moving traffic to a new platform.

System integrations

We set up all e-commerce projects integrating with existing production processes, logistics and sales models.

Temporary Shop

An innovative solution to test emerging brands or specific drops. A time-limited, custom-built online shop, activate targeted sales initiatives (discounts and promotions) and find new markets.


We design, develop and manage B2B sales platforms to convert the experience of a physical showroom into a digital format. Customisable platforms and interactive showcases create connections and business opportunities between brands and buyers quickly.


Smart and customized e-commerce projects using Shopify . A high-performance service for established businesses and start-ups wishing to set up their first e-commerce.


heavy studio web agency servizi strategie performanti
heavy studio web agency servizi strategie performanti

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