Heavy Formula

HEAVY Formula is our division
dedicated to marketing and digital
communication services for companies
operating in the pharmaceutical,
health and wellness sectors.

Through this section, HEAVY offers specific skills capable of supporting and efficiently
communicating the services offered by the wellness companies.

A know-how developed over more than 10 years of experience with tangible and constantly
growing results in the management of the visual image and of the data-driven
communication for large-scale realities.

One of these is the Consorzio Farmacia Laboratorio, which involves more than 400
pharmacies distributed throughout the national territory and relies on the expertise
of the HEAVY team to develop its online business.

heavy formula work farmacie agenzia di comunicazione

heavy formula work farmacie agenzia di comunicazione
heavy formula work farmacie agenzia di comunicazione

The Consorzio Farmacia Laboratorio
engaged HEAVY for the definition of
a full funnel digital strategy that points
to communicate in an impactful and
cohesive way on the communication
channels of the member pharmacies.

The content, entirely conceived and produced by HEAVY, is created with the aim of
conveying specific topics related to the world of healthcare to the user with an instant,
empathetic and quick-to-understand approach, developing interest and trust in the target audience.

Communication also passes through the websites of the pharmacies, entirely re-designed
by HEAVY, with a highly customized and flexible navigation architecture, for a simple and intuitive
customer experience.

Through an accurate study of the market and with an omnichannel approach, HEAVY
offers its clients specific skills for the development of Brand and Visual Identity, Content Production,
Advertising and User Experience.